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Sun Finance is probably the fastest-growing online consumer lending company in Europe. Our data-driven approach has allowed us to build a well-performing portfolio in a relatively short period of time. The company uses the latest technologies to ensure instant consumer identification and scoring.

The company is led by a team of professional managers who have up to ten years of experience in the online consumer lending market. Our headquarters are located in Rīga, Latvia, which offers a fintech-friendly environment, an appropriate legal setup, as well as a saturated labour market of experienced online consumer lending, data science and IT professionals.


Data science

At Sun Finance, we do not rely on good luck alone. Data-driven decision-making is what ensures our success. We base our decisions on advanced credit scoring models. By deploying state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to gather data quickly and effectively. We analyze thousands of data points and utilize the most predictive ones to evaluate each customer. This means that we can score much better and decide much faster and in a much more convenient way for our consumers than is the case with conventional financial institutions.

Modern technologies and data science offer fantastic opportunities, but they would mean nothing at all without human intelligence. Our data science team consists of the most talented and passionate professionals who, without any doubt, have the best minds in this industry.



As a fintech company, we very much rely on strong information technologies in pursuit of our success. All of our products and systems are bespoke, and thus tailored for business operations that are as effective as possible. When building our system, we reviewed mistakes and drawbacks related to other systems in the market. This allowed us to overcome the common problem of scalability and technical debt. We believe that we are running our business on the basis of the most advanced and sophisticated system in the industry, but we never rest on our laurels, and we are constantly improving the system by adding new features and releasing updated versions.

Our IT team is a mix of experienced professionals who have created systems for multi-billion online businesses, as well as passionate young developers found via our talent acquisition program. We devote much attention to ensuring a motivational and professionally developmental working environment for our employees. Internal polices and development processes are set up to maintain quality and professionalism throughout the company.



Our people are our greatest asset at Sun Finance. That is not rhetoric, it is reality, and we know it. It is their skills and passion that are running our machine. Keeping our people satisfied, motivated and rewarded comes before anything else, and this mindset has allowed us to create a committed team in a working environment which people enjoy. Our team consists of young, talented and ambitious professionals who are driven by a passion about what they are doing. Each of our employees is a true professional, bringing value to the company and continuing to grow on a day-by-day basis. As much as we care about the growth of the company as such, we very much care about the career development of our colleagues as individuals.

Our corporate values, our ambitions, and our good reputation have attracted the greatest minds from the industry and led great people from other areas of the economy to join our team. Our management team includes people with almost ten years of experience in the industry, and they have been pioneering multiple market innovations.


4 continents
300+ employees worldwide

Our business is currently operating at a mature level in Poland, Denmark, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Mexico. Multiple new markets are under the development stage at this time, including numerous countries in the Americas and Asia.








North America

South America



Our team is one of the key reasons of our success. Our team is made up of young , talented , ambitious and passionate people.

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